Blu-ray players


£ 220

This LG Blu-ray player may have some virtues but it can't handle pictures as well as its rivals

£ 270

Samsung's new entry-level Blu-ray player has the style and spec to impress, but connectivity issues let the side down

£ 250

A solid player, but not a significant enough improvement over last year's model and overtaken now by newer rivals

£ 1600

The Marantz BD8002 Blu-ray player delivers great Blu-ray pictures, but it isn't quite the complete machine

£ 2000

Pioneer’s BDP-LX91 Blu-ray player is one of the best you can buy. An exceptional advert for the beauty of the Blu-ray format

£ 850

The NAD T587 Blu-ray player is well-specced for the money, but when it comes to performance it falls short of its rivals

£ 1100

The Sony BDP-S5000ES produces one of the finest Blu-ray images money can buy and it sounds fabulous to boot

£ 700

The Pioneer BDP-LX08 has unquestionable credentials, but the slimline design isn’t enough to justify the price premium over Pioneer’s cheaper Blu-ray

£ 245

The Sharp BD-HP21H is a competent Blu-ray player but one that never threatens to upset the key players

£ 250

There’s no reason why we’d recommend the LG above any of the key contenders at this price – for the money the BD300 is a real let down