Wireless speakers


£ 170

All style and little substance – the Pill isn’t talented enough to compete with more accomplished class rivals

£ 170

This Bose is tiny, but its warm, rich bassy sound is music to our ears

£ 230

With a nicely balanced sound, good looks and an attractive price, this powerful-sounding Loewe speaker is an appealing wireless option

£ 130

The Jongo system isn’t quite there yet, but this is still a very affordable entry point to wireless and multiroom music

£ 300

A thoroughly listenable set of desktop speakers with stacks of detail and Bluetooth convenience, if not the last word in excitement

£ 170

Another strong addition to the Award-winning Sonos multiroom family, which offers much more than its price tag might suggest

£ 250

Best wireless speaker £150-£300, Awards 2013. Out of this Cocoon has emerged a great wireless speaker – it’s up there with the best at this price

£ 260

A thoroughly enjoyable sound that’s full of fun, with punchy sound and impressive connectivity

£ 330

Best wireless speaker £300-£400, Awards 2013. A classy speaker with additional radio features, the Model S has reached wireless hi-fi heaven

£ 500

Best wireless speaker £400+, Awards 2013. The Air One really puts the cat among the pigeons – it’s a class-leading wireless speaker