Hi-fi speakers


£ 1160

Great little speakers, fully capable of entertaining across a wide range of music

£ 150

Beyond their sheer, exuberant musicality, the 902is are more-than-adequately made and daintily attractive

£ 1135

You can buy flashier-looking speakers for the money, but if sound quality is important the Studio 130s must be auditioned

£ 7500

As accomplished as they are daring, with a sound that more than lives up to their price

£ 110

There’s a definite lack of scale here, and a distaste for big dynamic shifts in music

£ 1700

There’s no doubting the GS20s’ abilities, but their controlled nature won’t please everyone

£ 699

Engaging and likable in many ways, but ultimately outgunned by other models in the same price range

£ 1399

The Focals are good for the money, but if you can spend more, do so

£ 1500

Partner with a CD player and amplifier that are at least tonally neutral and refined, or even better a touch on the smooth side

£ 1200

These Eclipses aren’t for everyone - they’re unconventional in just about every way