Hi-fi speakers


£ 895

Carefully matched, the 32As give the class champions plenty to think about

£ 2200

These dynamic floorstanders are really fast and agile, if not the final word in solidity

£ 2199

The finest sound at this price, combining the authority of large tower designs with the speed and agility of the finest standmounters

£ 6000

Thee best Quad electrostatic design ever, and a truly world-class speaker

£ 2185

Sheer audio honesty make these ATCs among the best at this price point

£ 230

The Monitor Audio Bronze BR2 may be a bit long in the tooth but we're still fans

£ 650

These are good speakers, and a welcome upgrade, but don’t quite have the all-round ability of the very best in this class

£ 940

Best standmounter £700-£1500, Awards 2011. One of the most honest and transparent speakers out there - a delight to listen to

£ 150

For such imposing cabinets, the Mercury F2s are strangely reticent when it comes to scuzzy music

£ 140

Good speakers in many ways, but short of the verve that marks out the best