Hi-fi speakers


£ 700

If you've some aggressive amplification the needs soothing these smooth, elegant speakers won't let you down

£ 2000

These floorstanding speakers have a sturdy build feel, and have great sound, timing and rhythm as well

£ 700

Big in size and sound, the 684s will entertain whatever your musical taste

£ 600

There are many more compelling sounds to be had from a £600 pair of standmount speakers

£ 330

A lack of dynamic bite leaves you with a musical delivery that is always pleasant, but tends to be more relaxing than invigorating

£ 450

Likeable and admirable speakers that are now just slightly off the pace

£ 280

Good, attractive, detailed speakers, but they lack the five-star sparkle of their bigger brothers

£ 1525

Compact floorstanders that are among the best speakers you can get at the money

£ 1000

Expensive, but the Tannoys fully justify the price tag with their expertly balanced performance

£ 99

A worthy rival to Tannoy and Q Acoustics in the budget speaker sector