Hi-fi speakers


£ 300

A fun, easy listen and top value for money

£ 1000

A Curate’s egg and no mistake, but the good bits are really very good indeed

£ 2200

Great scale and bass weight, but there are too many niggles here at this price for our liking

£ 2200

A great looking speaker that offers plenty of bass and scale, but falls short on subtlety and timing

£ 2500

An outstanding pair of speakers that deliver detail and dynamic punch in spades

£ 795

A hugely talented and fun pair of speakers. If you have a smaller room, you need to audition these

£ 400

An exciting, punchy listen – but there are compromises

£ 15600

The Akubariks are a deeply impressive engineering accomplishment. They’re flexible too, but the forthright presentation won’t appeal to all

£ 1000

 A striking design with good ideas, but we’d expect far better for the money

£ 950

A talented speaker that does most things right, but plays it a little too safe