CD players


£ 1400

Visually and sonically the Consonance is not without charm, but it’s short on tact and can prove wearying after a while

£ 900

If you want a player that will find the fun in any recording, the Roksan K2 is the one

£ 783

Big, bold and to many ears we suspect beautiful, it’s very deserving of some serious consideration

£ 9995

A breathtaking CD/SACD player – with an equally breathtaking price tag. As authoritative and cohesive a sound as you will hear

£ 1200

The clang the gauntlet made when the CD8se threw it down is still resonating

£ 4750

Does everything a £5000 CD player should, and with some panache

£ 2500

Thoroughly likeable in most ways and admirable in some, but a lack of bottom-end rigour hampers the big Marantz

£ 1800

Musical, Ergonomic issues aside, this is an excellent player for the money, and it’s a must-hear product

£ 6185

A great-sounding combination that just needs a little extra bite to become a total all-rounder

£ 200

Marantz has replaced its CD5001 with the CD5003, a subtle but effective upgrade of the original player in a sharp new set of clothes