CD players


£ 800

A mild-mannered player that will please some, but be too polite for others

£ 5500

Once again Audio Research has created a fantastic product that's also great value for the money

£ 600

NAD's innovative C565BEE appeals for its features, but sonically it’s worried by cheaper alternatives

£ 800

The C57 stereo amp is the second product we've tested recently from French manufacturer Carat, but we're less than impressed

£ 400

The Yamaha CD-S700 CD player is an object of beauty, but there isn’t enough substance to keep you entertained in the long run

£ 1199

It’s really a measure of how competitive this sector is when a player that doesn’t do too much wrong brings up the rear in its market sector

£ 979

A beautiful object, beautifully made – though it’s not without certain aural shortcomings

£ 350

The NAD C545BEE CD player is an excellent all-rounder that entertains like no other at this price point

£ 1300

Capable and covetable, the CD37 looks and sounds like a premium product from the start

£ 1995

The Unico CDE isn’t the most sonically striking of CD players at this money, and we can certainly see it losing out to more exciting machines in a qui