£ 30

A sturdy, easy-to-use product that offers a stable, detailed picture for a cheap price

£ 130

Even though its hard disk isn't that big, Goodmans has produced a good-quality and easy-to-use personal video recorder, which won't break the bank

£ 30

BT Vision's V-Box is a Freeview digital tuner that combines personal video recording (PVR) functionality and also offers on-demand TV like movies

£ 35

This diminutive box from Sagem offers a fairly straight, no-frills way of accessing digital channels

£ 50

Compact and easy to connect, but price and picture quality ultimately let it down

£ 40

A great solution at a great price, but it fails to deliver the last ounce of performance

£ 50

Picture quality is pretty good, if not quite the best we’ve seen

£ 50

A convenient, compact device that delivers reasonable picture performance

£ 60

This cracking performer ticks all the right boxes