£ 150

Available through John Lewis, this Linsar box is competitively priced, and capable too - but there are better out there to choose from

£ 150

For the money, this Goodmans set-top box isn't a bad option, but it needs to be slicker, and the remote is horrible

£ 160

Coming from the veterans at Topfield, the Icecrypt T2200 is certainly a very functional box, although it's not fantastic

£ 100

Best Freeview HD receiver, Awards 2011. No satellite dish, no cable, just high-definition images. This is a very impressive Freeview HD set-top box

£ 185

If you want an affordable, highly effective and good value Freeview+ PVR, the Humax PVR9300T has much to commend it

£ 160

SiliconDust's HDHomeRun Computer TV tuner is a fine product, but results will depend on your computer and network

£ 100

For just £100 this Sagem Freeview + personal video recorder provides a decent level of all-round performance

£ 179

This great value Freeview 250GB personal video recorder combines the required functionality with top-notch performance

£ 70

Sony's PlayTV allows you to watch and record Freeview digital TV on your PS3; it's perfectly competent and affordable, but somewhat flawed

£ 300

With a whopping 500GB hard drive and twin digital TV tuners, Topfield has produced an excellent Freeview+ PVR that's easy to use