Micro and style systems


£ 1500

This is a fine-sounding all in one music system, although we'd like DAB, and a more user-friendly remote

£ 500

Aside from being a touch mild-mannered, this is an excellent micro – and it looks good to boot

£ 150

This budget micro is impressive on paper, but sadly it struggles where performance is concerned

£ 1000

There was a gap between the micro system and 'proper' hi-fi separates – consider it filled by the excellent Reference 600

£ 550

A decent, impressive system. But the performance, at the money, doesn't hit the musical heights

£ 350

The clock radio grows up in the form of Yamaha's new Desktop Audio system

£ 400

The Marantz M-CR502 is very stylish indeed and its lean, driving attack makes it worthy of an audition, especially now that it costs £100 less

£ 240

The Sony CMT-HX90BTR may look pretty but it just doesn't cut it sonically

£ 500

It looks and feels great, but sadly it's the sound that lets the side down

£ 350

This Yamaha system doesn't quite scale the sonic heights of rivals, but find it at a knockdown price and it's a tempting proposition