£ 80

Clear, open sound and they serve up a good dose of detail

£ 75

A decent pair of in-ear headphones at the price

£ 50

Heavy, fiddly earpieces and a sound that seems detached and so a little uninspiring. They could and should be better than they are.

£ 80

Easy to set up and comfortable, the sound can be bettered by cheaper, wired options. Okay, if you must have wireless

£ 1000

We know they look odd, and they leak your musical tastes to those nearby, but we can't recommend these can enough for sonic quality

£ 230

Quirky looks and they sound unconvincing: there's plenty out there that deserves your money more than these.

£ 130

One of the smallest in-ear design around, the q-Jays are hugely effective, sounding good and weighing next to nothing

£ 80

Shure's in-ear headphones are incredibly comfortable and a welcome return to form in the sound stakes

£ 300

These former Award winners have now been beaten by the Bose QuietComfort 15s

£ 50

They were a favourite of ours, but rivals have overtaken these stylish buds