£ 22

Great achievement at this money. Sound is communicative and detailed and they're comfortable

£ 80

Designed for long journeys but they leak sound and, whether the noise-cancelling is on or off, the delivery is poor

£ 40

Extremely impressive for closed-back headphones

£ 10

Surprisingly comfortable headphones that are rhythmic and detailed considering the £10 price

£ 50

Closed-back so you sacrifice a little spaciousness but you'll get loads of detail and a deep bass.

£ 20

They're certainly better than most bundled headphones, but even at £20 you can buy better

£ 250

These AKGs are beautifully built and feel like they’d survive years of use with ease, but there are more entertaining headphones out there

£ 80

For all their fanciness, the Jaybirds don't come close to sounding like value for money

£ 369

These smart-looking and well built headphones give off an air of sophistication, but sonically they can be a bit too polite

£ 190

Thin treble and big bass lets these cans down