Hi-fi speakers

Quad ESL 2805

Fifty years after its electrostatic speakers first wowed the hi-fi world, Quad breaks new ground

Hi-fi speakers

Quad 9L2

These small cabinets struggle to muster a real sense of scale to truly fill the room

Hi-fi speakers

Quad ESL 2905

Thee best Quad electrostatic design ever, and a truly world-class speaker

Speaker packages

Quad L2 5.1

This package is as adept with music as it is with movies, combining fine integration with refinement and subtlety


Quad L-ite sub

Fast, articulate and expressive, and couples that agile presentation with genuine weight

Power amps

Quad 909

Size is not everything here, as the 909 delivers a dynamic punch of sound to your ears with great clarity and quality


Quad 99

Strong and powerful, with a wonderful sound and beautiful build