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  1. Nokia BH-905i

    Nokia BH-905i

    Reviewed on 16th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £140

    The Nokia BH-905i Bluetooth headphones will work with almost any audio device

  2. Lenco HP-080

    Lenco HP-080

    Reviewed on 16th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £27

    The Lenco HP-080s are competitvely priced noise-cancelling headphones

  3. WeSC Alp Horn

    WeSC Alp Horn

    Reviewed on 12th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £80

    There is nothing to commend these awful headphones

  4. Beyerdynamic DTX 71iE

    Beyerdynamic DTX 71iE

    Reviewed on 19th July 2011
    Price when reviewed £54

    Smart and well made, but other Beyerdynamic models are better

  5. Fanny Wang On-ear Wangs

    Fanny Wang On-ear Wangs

    Reviewed on 20th June 2011
    Price when reviewed £150

    Comedy name, but the Fanny Wang On-ear Wangs ring true

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  7. Jamo wEAR In20m

    Jamo wEAR In20m

    Reviewed on 18th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £70

    They're comfy and punchy, but can get harsh at high volume

  8. AKG Q350

    AKG Q350

    Reviewed on 17th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £60

    It might have visual pizzazz but the AKG Q350 has sub-par sound

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  9. AKG K450

    AKG K450

    Reviewed on 10th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £100

    Versatile portable on-ears that sound amazing for the money. Headphones Product of the Year, Awards 2011

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  10. Klipsch S5i

    Klipsch S5i

    Reviewed on 4th May 2011
    Price when reviewed £120

    If you enjoy breakneck jungle, these fast and full-on S5is will suit. Lovers of acoustic subtlety need not apply, however

  11. Shure SE535

    Shure SE535

    Reviewed on 30th March 2011
    Price when reviewed £330

    At first glance these Shure buds seem expensive, but if you've got the cash then they're worth investigating

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