Ultimate Ears launches UE Boom, world's first social music player

21 May 2013

Ultimate Ears BoomUltimate Ears, the freshly rebranded audio division of Logitech, has unveiled its first product.

The UE Boom is a portable Bluetooth speaker, which the firm claims to be the world’s first social music player.

Ultimate Ears Boom

Its party trick is '360-degree sound'. If you’re the sort of person who wants to sit in a circle of friends with a speaker in the middle, then now you can – and you’ll all enjoy the same sound quality. This isn't entirely a new idea, mind, the Libratone Zipp offering a similar design and sonic delivery.

Get two UE Boom units and you can pair them for a stereo effect, using the free iOS and Android app to control your set-up.

Ultimate Ears Boom

A special skin surrounds the speaker, making it resistant to water, dirt and stains. This means you can cover it in mud, honey, you name it, and just wash it off afterwards.

The speaker has NFC (Near Field Connectivity) for easy wireless pairing, as well as a 15-hour battery life.

Ultimate Ears Boom

The UE Boom is available today for £169. Find it in Apple Stores, Harrods and the Ultimate Ears website. Stay tuned to whathifi.com for the full review.

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Written by Ced Yuen

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Sir Mix-A-Lot/Mudhoney, Freak Momma, Judgment Night OST. Cool...

And it's a worse than rubbish name, positively laughable.

I wanna put you in the mud, honey...


Rubbish new name, that.

Ced Yuen wrote:
This means you can cover it in mud, honey

Apologies for that – we have warned Ced about getting too familiar with the readers...

Perfect for chavs to play their rubbish music from in the street.