Logitech launches two new Harmony remotes

16 Apr 2013

Logitech Harmony Ultimate

Logitech may be seeking to sell off its Harmony remote control division, but the company has launched two new models featuring the Harmony Hub – which expands control capability to both home lighting and products inside closed cabinets – and the Harmony Smartphone App, which can turn iOS or Android devices into universal remote controls.

Logitech Harmony UltimateThe £229 Logitech Harmony Ultimate has a 2.4in colour touchscreen and is able to control up to 15 devices, including Philips Hue lighting systems.

It also has a combination of tilt sensors, vibration feedback and a choice of long or short button durations for a variety of functions.

The £109 Logitech Harmony Smart Control works with the Harmony Smartphone App to turn smartphones into remote controls, able to handle up to eight devices..

The Smart Control package also includes a simple remote for use when the smartphone isn't to hand.

Both work with the Logitech Harmony Hub to add Bluetooth control of game consoles such as the Sony PS3, and Nintendo Wii and Wii U.

The Hub will also allow infrared control of products within closed cabinets without a line of sight to the remote, and is also available separately for £79.

The new products will go on sale during May.

Written by Andrew Everard

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if you want to sell something, tart it up, not run it down.

I have to say thats confused me too. I am a retailer and required another Logitech remote for a customer. I was told by both our distributor and by three different sources at Logitech that Harmony weren't supporting the brand at all anymore and that I couldn't source any Logitech Harmony product any longer?! Strange.

bigboss wrote:
Why would they release new models if they want to sell off their business?

I suspect these new models were already in the pipeline, having been R'd and D'd some time ago.

Now that's confusing!! Why would they release new models if they want to sell off their business? Why are they continuing to invest in R&D? Unless they secretly want to change their mind & keep the business.....