LG's new Chocolate 2 mobile
LG has unveiled its new Chocolate 2 multimedia phone with 21:9 touchscreen - it goes on sale in the UK from September 8th

LG gave us a sneak preview of its new Chocolate 2 multimedia phone last night – also known as the BL40. It goes on sale in the UK from September 8th, and will be available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse on O2, Orange and Vodafone tariffs.

The biggest innovation is the phone's 4in, high-definition 21:9 touchscreen, which is extra wide for superior film and video viewing, says LG.

It has an iPhone-esque menu system so you can flick through all your digital content and the phone's numerous functions, but there are no apps to rival Apple's popular apps store.

You do get music storage and playback, full-screen video, wi-fi and web browsing, a camera and all the other usual multimedia phone functions. 

We have a full briefing with LG later this afternoon, so will bring you more details as soon as we get them.

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