Cyrus reveals details of Lyric streaming systems

25 Oct 2013

Cyrus Lyric

Cyrus has revealed full details of its new Lyric streaming systems, a new streaming range which is set to launch with the Cyrus Lyric 05 and Lyric 09.

Designed to meet the needs of consumers who want to listen to music from a variety of sources, the Lyric systems sport an exhaustive list of features and a completetly new glass and aluminium casing.

The systems offer wireless network and Bluetooth streaming, CD playback, DAB, FM and internet radio, a host of analogue, digital and USB connections, and more besides.

Cyrus claims the systems have a slick new control interface, as well as being compatible with the existing Cyrus Cadence remote control app for Apple devices.

Naturally, Cyrus insists the same high standards that the company aims for with its separates systems have been applied to these new all-in-one streaming systems: "The audiophile approach to everything," as Cyrus says.

Cyrus Lyric Cadence app

The Lyric 05 is the more affordable of the two models, yours for a cool £2250 and delivering 80 watts per channel of power in to 8 ohms and featuring a 24-bit/192kHz DAC. 

Step up to the Lyric 09, £3000, and you get a claimed 170 watts per channel of power and an integrated DAC capable of upsampling to 32-bit/192kHz. 

Cyrus Lyric features

So, about those features. The Cyrus Lyric products are UPnP devices, so can stream from any compatible device over your home wireless network. The free Cyrus Cadence iOS app acts as your control and gives you access to your full library, plus artwork and track metadata. 

Cyrus Lyric 09

The stream engine from the Cyrus Stream XP2-QX, a winner in the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Awards 2013, takes care of streaming duties inside the Lyric systems. 

If you'd rather stream directly from your device then there's Bluetooth connectivity, the Lyric 05 and 09 systems supporting A2DP and the superior aptX Bluetooth codec, so streaming from compatible smartphones, tablets and computers is available.

TuneIn Radio is integrated inside for access to 70,000 internet radio stations, while you'll also find DAB and FM radio tuners.

Lest we forget, CD playback – arguably Cyrus' biggest strength in recent years – is present and correct, too. The Lyric systems employ the SE CD system used in the £700 Cyrus CD T transport.

Cyrus Lyric connections

You'll also find one analogue stereo input, twin coaxial and optical digital connections, and a selction of USB inputs. Two 'Made for iPad' USB A inputs (front and back), can charge your iPad or play music from an iPhone, iPad or USB drive. A solitary USB B input allows you to connect and play music directly from a computer.

Last but not least is a Class A 3.5mm headphone output, which Cyrus claims incorporates a high capacity power supply and a high quality headphone amp.

Inside the Cyrus Lyric systems is Cyrus' new "hybrid" power amplifier, which is also set to be part of the forthcoming £1500 Cyrus Stereo 200. Both the Lyric 05 and Lyric 09 feature Cyrus' propietary automated speaker analysis system, which senses the impedance of connected speakers and adjusts the output accordingly.

The Cadence iOS app gives you remote control from any iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch, with full access to your library of streaming music. A standard remote is also supplied, while the two Lyric products also have a new touch control system on the units themselves. 

The new displays on the Lyric products also feature proximity sensors, which can be set to fade off and then back on when you come back in the room. All this is technology is housed inside a hand-finished aluminium chassis.

We have seen a pre-production model of the Cyrus Lyric 09 and we're hoping to get our eyes and ears on a finished product very soon, so look out for our full review.

So, interesting times. What do you think of the new Cyrus products? Let us know in the comments below. 


by Joe Cox

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I attended one of the launch events and came away with mixed views. The demo used some Spendor floorstanders which were not broken in properly and affected the sound.  Good hear clearly the diff between different streamed files  but overall not mind blowing. My feedback is follows:


1.the product has been developed as a lifestyle product for customers that are  not necessary traditional cyrus buyers and admitted that the sound was not " typical" cyrus ( that concerned me as I was considering replacing my cyrus stack with the lyric or a naim box)

2.  I was impressed with the functionality and the use of cadence as the main control unit and it will look good on a tv rack with the sky box etc..



Happened to drop into my local Hi-Fi dealer today whilst the Cyrus rep was demonstrating the Lyric to the owner. It was playing in the next room and it sounded so good I asked what was playing and he took me in to see. Believe me it sounds superb and although it looks really naff in the pictures, in real life it looks stunning. Hard to believe I know from what you see here but wait to you see it in the shop window.

I feel I should defend Cyrus here, I have had their kit many moons ago and really liked it. 


They tried to be different ... it has failed... but at least they tried .... ? Yuck 

Aside of the 'looks like an all-on-printer' comment I made about the design of it on the forums, why no flamin' Andorid app from the off? We are an Apple free zone here and staying that way. What's with the Apple dependency? Get's on my pip. I steered away from the Naim all-in-one system because there's no app for lowly Android users available.

I'm sorry, I love my Cyrus system, the look of the components is as important as the sound. There is NO WAY I would put this thing alongside my amps. It would be hidden WELL out of sight.

The designer of this lump needs a good talking to, as do all the execs who looked at it and didn't have the balls to laugh and say, Really! You want that released


Must try harder.

I have an all Cyrus system and enjoy the separates approach, if I did go for a neater all in one system I just couldn't have this ugly old fashioned looking design at home. Totally agree with the 'printer' comment...even if it sounds sensational, a lot of us care about good design if it's a centre piece in your lounge.  I'm hoping the existing products have subtle design changes to incorporate better screens and connection placement but nothing like this direction.

If that's the future of HiFi design then I don't want to know the future. As someone else already posted, it looks like a frikkin' all-in-one printer. I'll stick with my Cyrus II and PSX I think.

If I want a boombox 'I'll go to Currys, well Bestbuy or Walmart over here Smile

I actually like the Cyrus shoeboxes, function driving form can often lead to a far more elegant product, e.g. the LNER A-series steam locomotives, the Ducati 916 series (I had one) and the ultimate, Concorde.

HOWEVER, I do agree with other posters, that if the shoeboxes are too small for up-to-date electronics, better displays, USB inputs, etc., then maybe it's time for a rethink and retool, Cyrus. 

Hopefully this more mainstream (hopefully) product will give Cyrus the cash to retool, but I'm worried that the stranglehold Bose (in particular) has on this sector may be their undoing.

then you haven't seen a lot.what about krell's gigantic and indeed ugly boxes looking like industrial laboratory gear.not to mention mcintosh's gotham city boxes.this cyrus unit is a standalone unit doing all purposes that your old cd Player,tuner and amp did in the last.possibly in a better way.cyrus has here an up to date design that hopefully their coming boxes will follow.i'll buy one!

Where's the Snooze button?

it looks like an alrm-clock-radio after all....

I'm not a fan of the looks. For this money I would like it to sound good and look good.

I wouldn't buy it.

The lower part of the unit is too tall. And the "wings" are too wide. It had looked great if those problems had been fixed. Maybe I'll apply for a job as a designer Smile

Logged in for the first time in a couple of years just to say this is so ugly I couldn't buy it.

This really should be the product I've been waiting for, but no matter how it reviews I'm not buying that box.

How exactly does it sit with other Cyrus products which afre half width. This design is a huge mistake. Have Cyrus lost their way?


Come on guys this unit looks great!

For a start it doesn't look like any other piece of hi-fi, i.e. like a brick. It looks functional and modern.

It looks almost full width (so why you are using other half-width Cyrus products to complain about it is nonsensical) and would sit nicely on a rack against the new PS4 or XBone. Some may say 'sure' but it won't look good next to my other hi-fi, to which I would say what other hi-fi?, it's an all in one stand alone system. If it's sitting next to your other hi-fi then might I suggest this is the wrong product for you.

The spec sheet sounds great on paper and it may (potentially) give the Linn Kiko a run for it's money, it certainly looks better than it. Plus it has a front display and a remote - something the Kiko doesn't.

So well done Cyrus, I for one am fed up with boring boxes that all look the same.

I actually quite like the cast half width boxes that Cyrus have used for many years now.
This new unit is a massive turn-off. So much so that I wouldn't buy it regardless of how good the reviews may or may not be.
What a big dissapointment. It's hard to imagine how they could have designed anything worse aesthetically.
After years of buying Cyrus I will be switching to Naim.

I saw the images, and a dozen things crossed my mind, I was going to comment about them but then realised that everything had been said already! - My only guess is that being FUGLY is part of their brand proposition. I mean, their half width boxes were bad enough, but this?! What were they thinking? and yes, good design CAN and SHOULD coexist with good performance, it is not an either/or situation and one does not detract from the other. And "Since when do the looks of a hi-fi unit come in to the equation? Well, you can replace hi-fi with 'cars' or 'houses or any other consumer product and you'll find the answer is since always! I want beautiful looking AND beautiful sounding products! why on earth should I settle for half of the pie if I am paying (dearly) for it? - And for that reason, I'm out.

For years (since 1985?) Cyrus have rather slavishly followed the small half box format and tried to cram everything in, usually leaving useful things out (like a USB-B DAC input). There was a server thingy that was full width but it didn't last long. Now they're trying to change that and it looks nicely made, though the shape is a bit odd (I wouldn't say 'ugly'). Maybe they just need to break out of the half width thing. Meridian had it right in the 90s with the 500 series which was a 2/3 width and very sweet.

WAF 0/10

Not very search engine friendly, put in 'Cyrus Lyric 09' and up comes pages of songs by Miley Cyrus!

Since when do the looks of a hi-fi unit come in to the equation? Cyrus are normally lauded for their sound quality but criticised for the bland looking case, so they have tried something different for a lifestyle system. I can only assume that the comments on its' packaging come from people who thought the flashing lights on a graphic equalizer were a good idea! I look forward to listening to this unit.

That is unusually unattractive.

Even if it sounds fantastic, I could not bring myself to buy it. Possibly the ugliest piece of hi-fi I have ever seen.

Cyrus need to hire a designer. first try to outsource firs, if success, use dedicated designer. 

The most popular cars are the ugliest. It doesn't necessarily affect sales as long as it does what the user wants it to do.

I think William Towns designed it - he did the Aston Martin Lagonda:

Cyrus products are all so ugly.

It has stopped me from buying in the past, although I've been intrigued by the sound quality.

This thing does nothing to change my mind.

As a product designer myself, I can imagine the brief to the designers:

'Retain the company look, but advance the style a bit'.

This is unfortunate, as when the starting point is so poor, the outcome cannot be good.

Note to Cyrus.

Do yourselves a favour. Rethink your styling. 

This looks like something off the original 1960's Star Trek series.

It also looks like you're trying too hard.

Wow! that is the ugliest thing seen in hifi for a long time :-0

Who designed that? The same guy who designs all-in-one printers apparently.

"Damn. You is ugly."

Who designed that? Ugly or what? Rethink needed