Xmas Gift Ideas under £100
We round-up the best gift ideas under £100 for Christmas this year, from headphones to cables, wireless speakers to Blu-ray players

Brace yourselves: Christmas really is just around the corner. So to save any of the last-minute panic buying, we've rounded up a selection of the best Christmas gift ideas under £100. 

From headphones to wireless speakers, docks to DAB radios, whether it's a stocking-filler for the kids or something for that special someone, there should be something here to tickle your fancy. Not impressed? Check out our complete round-up of Christmas gift ideas...


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Beyerdynamic DTX101iE

Tested at £64

Five Stars


A balanced performance, controlled treble and solid bass make these budget Beyer-Dynamic's a safe purchase.

Beyerdynamic MMX101iE

Five Stars

Tested at £95

If you're prepared to dig a little deeper – hey, perhaps you actually like the recipient – then these Beyerdynamics become a viable option. They offer impressive sound and sport an in-line mic that's compatible with iOS and Android devices. 



Wireless speaker

Cambridge Audio Minx Go

Five Stars

Tested at £100

Another Product of the Year in the under-£100 category, the Cambridge Audio Minx Go ticks all the boxes: impressive sound, good build quality and a long-lasting battery. You'll be hard-pushed to find anything better at this price.


Digital radio

Pure Evoke D2

Five Stars

Tested at £85

Latest Prices

A very accomplished digital radio from radio wizards Pure. For the price there's little that comes close to it in terms of sound quality. We would, however, recommend investing in the optional £28 ChargePak battery. Then you'll really be in business.

MP3 Player

Apple iPod Nano

Tested at £130 - now available on Amazon from £105

Ok, so technically this belongs in the under £200 category, but at just a fiver over the budget limit, we felt we could include it. The iPod Nano is built to Apple's usual high standards, and as ever, sound quality is top-grade. 

Blu-ray player

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Sony BDP-S4100

Five Stars

Tested at £95

Latest Prices

A Blu-ray player for under £100? Yep. It does more than just play discs, too: it's packed to the rafters with smart TV apps such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix. It can handle 3D playback, is DLNA-certified for streaming media across your home network and – crucially – delivers excellent pictures and sound. Built-In wi-fi would've been nice, but hey, look at that price…


iPod dock and radio

Pure Digital Contour 100Di

Five Stars

Tested at £100

Latest Prices

With wireless speakers and music streamers on the rise,'old-fashioned' docks can be overshadowed. However Pure's Contour 100Di provides a fine example of why you shouldn't disregard them.

There's an iPod dock for any 30-pin iPods or iPhones you have about the place, plus FM and DAB radio tuners . Round-off the good looks and solid features with decent sound quality and you've got a winner.



Cambridge Audio DAC Magic XS

Five Stars

Tested at £100

If you listent to music via your computer or laptop, then this digital-to-analogue converter is a brilliant little upgrade. Its smaller-than-matchbox size makes it easily portable, there's support for hi-res audio and the low price makes it excellent value for money – because it sounds great.


Kobo Arc

Tested at £130 - now available on play.com for £100

Four Stars

A well-rounded tablet that offers a worthy alternative experience to the other tablet big-wigs. It can handle films and apps with relative ease, but does struggle a little with music. 


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