4K Blu-ray discs set for release in 2014

14 Jan 2014

The Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) has approved plans to release 4K Blu-ray discs. The BDA's global promotions committee chair, Victor Matsuda, confirmed plans for 4K Blu-ray are official, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Last year, we reported that 4K Blu-ray discs could be possible, but at the time the use of the larger capacity discs for 4K films was mere speculation.

This latest announcement now confirms the go-ahead for the development of the new 4K disc format.

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And 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray discs could be in our homes by the end of the year. Representatives from Sony, Dolby and Disney, among others, have put together a working group to work towards making the discs a reality.

If 4K Blu-ray discs do become a reality, then dedicated 4K Blu-ray players would need to be produced to play them.

At CES 2014, Netflix and YouTube announced plans to stream on-demand and online content in 4K. However, this will require a relatively high-speed internet connection.

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With 4K Ultra HD technology potentially on course to become the new "high-def" resolution in which we watch films on TV, the issue surrounding how we access 4K content has always been a prominent one. 

This latest announcement could see optical discs become an option for those wanting to enjoy 4K Ultra HD content.


by Max Langridge

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You think blu-ray has been stymied by DVD Trefor? Interesting interpretation of the figures...

spiny norman: We didn't copy that quote off the internet. One of my colleagues interviewed the guys from Netflix in person at CES (they were at both the Sony and LG press conferences). We reported precisely what they told us. Yes, you could argue that Netflix has a vested interest in killing off the idea of Blu-ray on a disc, but we don't make up quotes.

This will probably delay/kill my purchase of a new top tier (I had the Marantz UD 5007 in mind) BluRay player... now it's wait and see what new future products this announcement brings! 

Oh well, here we go again! New format, new players...

What wil kill this stone dead is the ability of so many blu-ray players to upscale to 4K. Just as blu-ray was stymied by the ability of DVD players to upscale to 1080. It may not be as good but so many consumers will assume it is.  Sad, because I would rather have higher resolution than headache-inducing 3D any day, especially with the kind of material produced by the BBC Wildlife Unit, National Geographic et al. I am sure some films like Gravity would make more of an impact in the living room as 4K, than as 3D.

It would "likely" mean that dedicated 4k players are needed... Who writes these stories? Of course 4k players are needed, are that is, not likely.Wink

I’m hoping that existing High-end Blu-Ray Players could be upgraded rather than replaced???

So the Netflix '4K never on disc' was another wrong call, then?

Any chance you could ask whichever website you're copying this stuff from to get their story straight, or get off the 'interent'?