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Gaming Speakers

Hi all,

Not quite sure whether to post this here or in the Computer Music section so apologies if I have got it wrong!

Basically I am looking to add a decent set of speakers to my PC. I am going to be connecting these speakers to an ASUS Xonar DG soundcard but may consider upgrading to a DAC in the future. I quite like the thought of integrated bluetooth to connect my smartphone with but this would be more of an optional extra than a necessity.

My budget is up to £300 and I would like something that is not only good for music but also gaming (I don't use my PC for films). I have been considering the Monitor Audio WS100, the Audioengine A2's, the Focal XS Book (but would wait for the new bluetooth version) and the Ruark Audio MR1.

From reading reviews the above speakers should be good for music but will they also be any good for games? Any thoughts or suggestions would be much appreciated and if I should consider some other speakers please let me know!

Thank you for your time  Smile

Hi-Fi:  Cambridge Audio 351C CD Player, Arcam 7R Integrated Amp, Arcam 8 Power Amp, Acoustic Energy AE105 SE speakers, QED interconnects, Supra Rondo 4x4 speaker cable.

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RE: Gaming Speakers

I have the Logitech Z-906. Super Soundsystem!


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RE: Gaming Speakers

For £300 get studio monitors or if you want something upgradable in the future:

Nad c370/c350/c352/c372/ (I see you have arcam alpha's ..... another of those will do nicely) (£120-200 ebay)

Wharfedale diamond 9.1 (new)

/other bookshelves for £100-180 second hand.


Depends how loud you want it, If you want lots of bass get a cheaper amp and a second hand sw150 from ebay + diamond 9.1

If you're going to listen at relatively low levels then the focals you mentioned could be a good choice. 

But if you were going to go for active speakers my choices would be adam A3x, Adam F5 or Behringer B2031A depending on how loud you need it, A3x are stunning quality within their limits, easily the best SQ. I haven't heard the focals, they may be a ncie comprimise between A3X and F5 on soundquality vs dynamics.  


If you want to shake the room while gaming I'd get the behringer truths+sw150 (can be had for £50 on ebay) total then is £300 with sub.


Good luck dude.




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