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RE: High VFM components

Alears wrote:

I'm pretty sure the OP said good VFM. Cheap is something completely different, and was not specified. Smile

Not at all new but I'd add my Stello Transport and DAC to the list - the best made/sounding/ VFM kit I've ever bought.


Related to Magico speakers with a price tag from £12000 to £60000 and higher, i think it is difficult to call these high VFM.  They rather very high price. Wink

Naim UnitiLite - Chord Carnival Silverscreen - B&W CM5 S2

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RE: High VFM components

Synology 212j or 213j!  Great SQ and all your music, video, etc in one unified place for under $500 (depending upon hd size) and a free app to control!!

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RE: High VFM components

Electrocompaniet EMC1UP... not cheap, but worth every penny
Harbeth P3 ESR and SHL5..

Electrocompaniet EMC1UP, Sonos Connect, Accuphase E350, Harbeth SHL5 Siltech 25th anniversary 33i XLR, Auditorium 23 SC, HiFi Racks Podium Reference rack, matching LS stands.

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RE: Q Acoustics 2020i Dali Zensor

For me, VFM is generally reserved for components that are generally head and shoulders (subjective, I know) above those in their price range. For example, I rate Blades as giving VFM if in the market for a £20k speaker.

On a more realistic level:

Source: Linn Sneaky (have yet to hear better at the price)

Amps: Harman Kardon HK990 (up to £1k), Rega Elicit R (£1k-2k) and Electrocompaniet ECI-5 (£2k-3)

Speakers: Kef LS50 (Reference speaker for sensible money)

"We should no more let numbers define audio quality than we should let chemical analysis be the arbiter of fine wines."  Nelson Pass

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All the BK subs Croft 25

All the BK subs

Croft 25 basic preamp

Grado SR80is

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Dali Zensor 1 - stunning

Dali Zensor 1 - stunning speakers for less than £200.

Rega RP6

Naim Supernait 2!!

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RE: High VFM components

Overall I think hifi kit and the term 'value for money' don't really go together, I think most of it (budget speakers aside, maybe)costs way more than it should.

Having said that, in hifi terms the ones that stand head and shoulders over everything else I've heard are the Avi ADM9's.  

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RE: High VFM components

ErwinC wrote:

altruistic.lemon wrote:

Meridian CD players

Magico speakers

Benchmark DACs


Not really cheap components, espcially the Magico speakers. Wink

No, but the question was about VFM. They're definitely that, no question!

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RE: Q Acoustics 2020iDali Zensor

matthewpiano wrote:
Q Acoustics 2020i Dali Zensor 3 Tannoy Mercury V1 Rega Brio-R Denon PMA720AE (stupidly high value for the street price of £200, it would still be great value at £350 given its sound quality)


+1 for that denon amp, just bought one, to replace a faulty marantz pm7001, slightly different presentation but just as enjoyable

TANNOY V4,  for £249 just trounces any other speaker at this price IMO, defies that cliche that cheap floorstanders are awful, these are very very good and deserve a good system to make them sing

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AVI Neutron Five 2.1 system (surprise surprise)

Behringer UCA202 USB DAC

X-Mini II portable speaker

Hi-Fi - Nakamichi Dragon AV1 > AVI DM5 > AVI subwoofer

Head-Fi - Epiphany Acoustics EHP-O2Di > Sennheisser HD700

Portable - Sony NWZ-A847 > Westone UM3x

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Audiolab MDAC @ £600

Hifiman HE-500 @ £700

Combine the two, fed from a PC/Mac via USB, and you have a system with a resolution and vibe that's hard to beat for less than £5K.



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RE: High VFM components

A pair of active psi speakers, modell A 215-M : 4'790 euros, maximum sound quality possible, and the amp is in the package.  :cheers:

Exposure classic XXIII and XXVIII. High end hifi for good price.  :cheers:

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RE: High VFM components

Onkyo's network amps, esp the TX8050 and the stunning TX-NR818.  Comfortably blew the notion that "AV amps don't do music" out the water and into next week.

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RE: Any budget marantz amp or CD

Any budget marantz amp or CD player.   My motive 2's, although not cheap i was willing to spend more if required but they stood out on that demo day.

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RE: Q Acoustics 2020iDali Zensor

ErwinC wrote:

matthewpiano wrote:
Q Acoustics 2020i Dali Zensor 3 Tannoy Mercury V1 Rega Brio-R Denon PMA720AE (stupidly high value for the street price of £200, it would still be great value at £350 given its sound quality)


No CD players? Wink


Mmmmm...  If pushed I'd say the Marantz CD6004 and Denon DCD720AE.  Above that the law of diminishing returns cuts in very quickly with CD players IMO.

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