The most startling piece of kit this century?

Wed, 25 Jun 2008, 11:34am

Yesterday we got our hands, eyes and ears around something very, very special. A piece of kit so good, we're almost struggling to comprehend it. All roads led downstairs to one of our listening rooms as slowly but surely the entire staff on the magazine were left open-mouthed in awe. At what? Well, you'll just have to wait and see - our September issue will reveal all.

Suffice to say, it was one of those occasions when for just a few moments you can't quite get your head around what's happening. We've had the odd review like this before, but it's been a long, long while since anyone here can remember a product that seems so bafflingly brilliant at what it sets out to do, and looks set to hit its supposed opposition for the most effortless six imaginable.

While we love what we do, we're a pretty level-headed bunch here at What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, which is why today's events are so striking. Said piece of kit is of course still being put through its paces but barring some kind of collective loss of perspective, we're pretty sure that come the end of July - when you get your hands on our September issue - therein will lie a piece of kit that, quite frankly, will blow your mind...

In the words of our favourite antipodean artist, can you guess what it is yet?


It's a new surround sound wireless speaker package which sounds just as good, if not better than current cable reliant speakers? wrong or right?


Remote hob-nob dipping machine?

A stylus cover that makes the tea for you? Brilliant!!

As an aside....isn't it a little early to call something the kit of the century, whilst we still have 92 years ahead of us!?

I mean what would have the scientists at the beginning of the 20th century come up with? Certainly not the computer, mobile phones or dishwashers (Wink)

Food for thought.

Is that it? Everyone run out of ideas?

And yes, Solomon1, let's just say 'of the century so far', OK?

And by the way, I still haven't a clue what it is myself...

This tech teasing makes me a little miffed to say the least.  Here I am just about to spend a large amount of hard earned cash and now there is a strong possibility it will be obsolete by the end of the month.  If this turns out to be the case I for one will be mega p****d off.

"The most startling piece of kit this century so far"

for me would be a hard disk based media center, playing and delivering the best from all kinds of music and video discs.

Since you've sofar totally ignored the new Cyrus SE player.... must be it.

Yep, Cyrus

Is it the new pioneer lcd tvs

Just in case there was any confusion, we won't of course reveal the answer until our September issue hits the shops on July 24th...

OK Joe, you wont reveal the answer - but if you want the debate to keep going - how about a few "getting warmer", "getting colder" comments.....  or how about ruling things 'out' just to help keeping the dialogue alive....

e.g I think its the new Denon 2809 Receiver (now please tell me I am wrong as I am about to but the Marantz 7002 tomorrow.........)

Is it the new Sony HT-IS100?

It isn't Cerwin Vega's new line in loudspeakers fully endorsed by Motorhead by any slight chance?

One of the new Sony bluray players.

Is it a box of four robot monkeys that can play tennis?

Is that a Gadgetshop product, Murdo?

Oh come on Andrew, don't be so... hold a minute, maybe, just maybe.

Is it a mini Terminator destroying any equipment that's underachieving? That would make a great present for the holidays...

Gotta be time for a clue??

OK, Messiah - it's not Miss Scarlet in the library with the candlestick

As none of this 'clue' relates to HiFi I would hope not! Thanks anyway....

As it appears clues are not going to be forthcoming I will not ask again.

However you have built up quite some hype for this product so lets hope it does not disappoint eh!

Oh I don't know - "it's not Miss Scarlet" could be a cryptic way of ruling out the possibility of it being an LG TV...

Potentially less than a week to go until you find out - subscription copies of the mag with the mystery product reviewed therein are posted out this Friday....

'Therein' Clare??


Could it be a pair of £300-500 active loudspeakers that demolish £1500 seperates systems

So, do we give a prize to the first person to post the answer? Wink

You confident about the Xbox 720, radicalbyte!?

I think she meant 'Theremin' - maybe it's a musical instrument

You're welcome to give a prize if you want, radicalbyte

Onkyo CS-525?

Someone has worked out how to get sound out of a moving strip of celluloid covered in iron filings?

Andrew, smart move turning it into a cryptic clue.....

So how's about a cryptic clue?? It's only a matter of days before we find out now.....

OK then - nor was it Col Mustard in the hall with the rope.

And that's as cryptic a clue as you're going to get.

Wikipedia: "Miss Scarlett (Miss Scarlet in the North American version) is the stock Femme Fatale character. She is typically portrayed as young, cunning, and beautiful.

So we can deduct the mystery product is not a cunning new technology, the end product not beautiful to the eye.

Wikipedia: "Colonel Mustard is the stock character of a great white hunter and colonial buffoon. He is a military man with a European heritage and a tendency for botching things, both dignified and dangerous. As with many of the male characters, the Colonel is rumored to have an affair with Miss Scarlet in some sources."

Mmm..difficult this it the Naim hdx?

Something to do with airSound speakers, a sound bar or the like?

I can offer the gratitude of an ex-pat who'll otherwise be waiting another month for his subs copy as a prize! Wink

Got another guess:  someone has invented a box which has a vast range of digital filters for music.  Something like anti-aliasing for badly recorded music.  It would make poor recordings sound decent on good hifi systems.

Nope, not the HDX, Solomon1, but you might just be on the right track with your Cluedo research.

Let me add a further clue, in case it helps: not Rev Green, either, and we can rule out the lead pipe and the ballroom.

April music's Aura note music centre?

is its a samsung ''scarlett'' TV?

Mrs Peacock with the Revolver in the Lounge.

Denon DVD-2500BT Blu-ray Disc Transport.


A Freesat HD box with PVR built in?


No, timwileman, covered that one in my post of July 13.

And no, PaulR, neither is it anything to do with Captain Peacock with Mrs Slocombe's pet, nor the loudspeaker company you mention.

Is it a magic box, filed with hot air, producing the most startling sights and sounds -for the money?

Does it make things disappear- like cds and dvds for instance? Can you also pull a rabbit out of it?

anyone know yet?

Could it perhaps be that Professor Plum likes to eat Apples whilst talking on the phone?

Don't suppose it's a piece of budget kit that still works properly AFTER the guarantee's expired?  No, didn't think so....

Quenzer - please god no.

dont care.

just buy a mobile, people.