IFA 2010: Sony's 3D world just got bigger

Fri, 3 Sep 2010, 6:01am

Yesterday’s Sony press conference was so full of enthusiasm for all things 3D, you’d be forgiven for thinking the third dimension had just been invented. On the upside, it did mean the announcement of some tantalising new products, as well as give me the chance to take some initial pictures of the new kit.

We’re pretty excited about the very first consumer 3D projector being launched: it’s called the VPL-VW90, uses SXRD technology, active shutter glasses, Motionflow, an Anamorphic Zoom mode, Advanced Iris 3, and a contrast ratio of 150,000: 1.

Sony VPL-VW90 3D projector

And of course, the launch of the new raft of Blu-ray players, particularly news that the BDP-S770 3D player (below) will be in the shops from October, was welcome.

Sony BDP-S770 3D Blu-ray player

As we previously reported here,  there are also two new receivers, the STR-DA3600ES and STR-DA5600ES,  both offering 3D passthrough, audio return channel and DLNA network audio/video capability, as well as Sony's Digital Cinema Auto-Calibration and Digital Cinema Sound processing.

Sony STR-DA3600ES AV receiver

The STR-DA5600ES also has front height channels, delivers 7x140W, and has six HDMI inputs and two outputs, with ARC on one of the monitor outs.

Sony STR-DA5600ES AV receiver

Both models will be available in October, with prices still to be announced, but it is thought the STR-DA3600ES will retail for around £1000.

And I won’t sign off without a mention for the first full 3D laptops we’ve yet seen, new from Sony’s Vaio range. Exact names/prices are still to be confirmed, but suffice to say that the phrase ‘state of the art laptop’ has just acquired a new definition.

Sony Vaio 3D laptop

And just so you don’t think we’re making it up, here’s a closeup of the laptop’s keyboard, with its clearly visible ‘3D’ button…

And that, as they say, was just about that. We’re very interested to see (and hear) more about the new ‘Qriocity’ on-demand music, video and game service Sony will launch this Autumn, and will keep you informed on all the new developments.

But now, it’s time to head off to another press conference….


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I wander if these will last longer than the manufacturers warranty, unlike my PS3 and my AMP which cost me a mint when they came out then broke after a year allowing Sony additional funds for fixes over and over again.

Why does WHF not discuss the poor treatment of the manufacturers to the customer?

wonder even lol, I wonder how long this message will be up for before WHF take it down.

No need to take it down that I can see.

And yes we do regularly discuss reliability issues re products from a range of manufacturers - including Sony, as you can see from our Forums threads about, for example, sound drop-out issues on Sony Blu-ray players or the backlighting problems on TVs (the latter being just one reason why Sony didn't win a single TV Award from us last year).

With the current Blu-ray issue, we brought the matter to Sony's attention and have had comment from them on the thread about the resulting firmware updates.

There is a big difference between a forum thread about an issue that can be fixed via a firmware update and proper journalistic front page news about Sony ripping off hundreds of thousands of customers the world over with poor quality components. I see you still give the PS3 4 stars with no mention of it being of terrible build quality or how difficult the help team at Playstation are when it comes to fixing them. It's easier for you to 4 star product, thus encouraging the reader to purchase them from your advertisers (read: revenue stream)

I've had my ps3 since the launch date np isues sonys byuild quality is not an issue environment is key

Keep your equipment clean and it will last

Projector looks good, did i miss the cost?  I want to get on the 3d band wagon badly

Good point – pricing on the 3D projector is unconfirmed, but if you happened to be looking to spend somewhere in the region of six grand, you'd be in the right ball-park.

There you go skirting over the issue.

Mr Dawes, you should seriously consider removing the word journalist from your title and changing it to columnist, or perhaps more suitably 'product reviewer'.

In fact the whole team at WHF should do the same.

Thank you for your constructive advice, Mr Cathcart.

I have to object. Myself and plentt of other users  I know have Sony PS3s, Receivers, TVs and other products and have hardly ever had problems and those were sorted out by Sony efficiently and without fuss. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they're not perfect but which company is?