With so many of us now storing our music on smartphones, laptops and tablets the convenience of streaming music to a wireless speaker is hard to ignore. There's never been a greater choice

Chances are you've already got a ton of music on your phone, portable or laptop. Listening through headphones is fine if you're out and about, but when you're at home – or in the garden or on the beach – a wireless speaker will unleash the music and let you and your friends enjoy it.

From a portable speaker on a budget to something a little more substantial to free your digital music, it can be hard to know exactly where to start.

Are you looking to build a system in a smaller room of the house? Maybe you want a device that'll let you play your music when you're on the go? Or perhaps you're thinking about replacing an iPod or iPhone dock system? 

From AirPlay to Bluetooth speakers, and multiroom solutions, this page gives you a selection of the best wireless speakers that money can buy.

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Best wireless speaker under £100
JBL Flip
JBL Flip
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"A sensational blend of portability and performance" was how we described the Flip when we first gave it a go, and now this portable Bluetooth speaker is on sale for around half its original retail price - and under £50 in some places. That spells bargain to us.

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Best wireless speaker under £150
Cambridge Audio Go
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Best wireless speaker up to £150, Awards 2014.

The Go carries on where its predecesor, the Minx Go, left off: this is a fine speaker, producing a mature, easy-going sound.

There's no shortage of features where the Go's concerned - it supports aptX Bluetooth from compatible smartphones and tablets and a full charge of the built-in battery should last a whopping 18 hours - more than some pricier rivals can manage. You can also plug in your phone via the USB socket and charge on the move.

Sound quality is solid and snappy - the Go has a fine sense of rhythm and a rich tone. Hit the volume and it can go admirably loud with no real sign of distortion.

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Best wireless speaker under £200
Monitor Audio Airstream S200
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The Monitor Audio Airstream S200 is talented - very talented. It has a long list of streaming features that seems incredible for its £200 pricetag, while the large-scale and subtly dynamic sound is even more impressive considering its small footprint. We like how loud the S200 can go without sounding restrained or harsh.

In fact, it manages to reach high volumes without ever actually sounding as if it’s too loud – an admirable feat. It’s entirely engaging and musical to listen to, and its smooth yet subtle approach will keep you engaged for hours.

Bluetooth is of the higher-quality aptX variety and connects swiftly, while DLNA certification and Monitor Audio’s own Airstream Direct connection are also thrown into the mix.

Whether you want to stream from a PC, NAS device, Mac or Android, the options are there. If you prefer hardwiring your music players, the 3.5mm input will serve you well.

It’s safe to say we’re impressed with the Airstream S200. Monitor Audio has ticked all the right boxes with this wireless speaker: great design, plenty of features, exciting sound performance, and all for just £200.

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Best wireless speaker under £300
Sonos Play:3
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The current mid-point in Sonos' Play-branded Zoneplayer range is a cracking little performer and the complete Sonos system was named Best Multi-room Streaming System up to £500 in our 2014 Awards.

It's an all-in-one system combining a network music client, amp and speakers and sounds much better than its prize and size may suggest. If you fancy building a multi-room streaming system, this is a great wireless speaker to start with.

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Best wireless speaker under £400
Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+
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Best wireless speaker £300-£500, Awards 2014.

A classy speaker with additional radio features, the Model S has reached wireless hi-fi heaven. Primarily a Bluetooth speaker, the Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ also features a clock radio with DAB and FM tuners.

It’s a classy looking unit, too, and is competitively priced at £330. You can even put it on a stand. But it’s the Geneva’s ability to deliver near hi-fi quality sound that’s really won us over. We’re very impressed with this Geneva speaker's performance.

Some rival speakers offer more extensive connectivity, but the Geneva Model S Wireless DAB+ cuts its own niche with clock radio features accompanying the universal Bluetooth connection.

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Best wireless speaker under £750
Dali Kubik Free
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The Kubik Free is a real entertainer – an enthusiastic-sounding wireless speaker mixed with a solid feature set.

At £645, the Free doesn’t exactly sit at the budget end of the wireless speaker market. But, behind that wraparound cloth panel (you can choose from nine different colours of cloth), you quickly get an idea where the money’s gone.

Both the 5in mid-bass wood fibre cone and 25mm soft-dome tweeter are Dali-designed, as is the 100W digital amplifier that powers the unit.

The Free also has a mate, the Kubik Xtra. If you want a pair of Kubiks (we think this is the collective term), buying them as a package will set you back £899. Or you can add an Xtra at a later date for £295.

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Best wireless speaker £750+
Naim Mu-so
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Naim brings a slice of its hi-fi heritage to this truly exceptional piece of design, with the sound quality and features to make it a worthy winner. It marks the first time that the established hi-fi manufacturer has stepped into the wireless speaker market.

At £895, this is an ambitious proposition, but one that has the full weight of Naim’s long-standing hi-fi expertise behind it. The unit comes with a standard black grille, but you can swap it for three other colours – vibrant red, deep blue, burnt orange – for an extra £70 each.

There’s little this Mu-so can’t do. Naim has included nearly every streaming method into the mix, ensuring you can play songs from a wide variety of devices. There’s aptX Bluetooth, AirPlay, UPnP, Spotify Connect and thousands of internet radio stations on board.

Physical inputs include a USB port (which charges and plays Apple devices as well as USB-stored music), an optical input (limited to 24-bit/96kHz) and a 3.5mm analogue input. There’s also an ethernet port to go alongside the built-in wi-fi, hidden under the unit with the power socket to keep wires out of sight.

Whether you’ve got an iOS or Android device, laptop or NAS box, this Naim can play it all.

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