V-moda Vibe Duo review

Noise-isolating headphones designed to fit the iPhone Tested at £70.00

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Our Verdict

These stylish earphones look impressive but for sonic skills, look elsewhere


  • Stylish
  • superb build quality
  • Apple iPhone compatible


  • Ill-defined sound, hazy presentation, muddy low frequencies

If our reviews were based purely on style and build quality, we'd have no hesitation giving the Vibe Duo our five-star blessing. These noise-isolating headphones look the business. Even the cable is covered in fabric.

Hands-free iPhone

The Duos come with three sets of soft silicone fittings so you can get the perfect in-ear fit. The earphones have also been designed to fit the iPhone's recessed 3.5mm jack. Not only that; they also have a built-in mic, so you can operate the iPhone hands-free.

Unfortunately, our gushing praise comes to an abrupt halt when it comes to sound quality. Presentation is cloudy and there's a lack of clarity throughout the sonic spectrum. Vocals and low frequencies in Kanye West's The Way I Am are starved of spaciousness and transparency.

There are cheaper, in-ear headphones that deliver superior performance across the board.