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Vivanco SHQ TT12 review

Vivanco's SHQ TT12 is an improvement over its stablemate Prowire, but a good deal is really essential Tested at £35.00

Our Verdict

Definite sonic capability, but needs a good deal to be worthwhile


  • Elements of treble refinement and vocal subtlety


  • Not the complete cable
  • trounced for dynamics

The semi-transparent design of the SHQ series of higher-performance Vivanco cables gives the SHQ TT12 a cool modern look.

And reassuringly, given its higher price, it delivers concrete sonic improvements over the stablemate Prowire, with more refinement to the treble and subtly enhanced vocal realism.

However, the cheaper Atlas Fibre Optic is still more complete, while the TCI Coral trounces it for dynamics, so a good deal is essential.