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Vivanco 27100 review

These noise-cancelling cans might be a smaller design, but we found that the sound lacks refinement Tested at £40.00

Our Verdict

A cheap-feeling design that lacks some refinement


  • Smaller design


  • Cheap feel
  • lack refinement
  • soft sound
  • separate battery box

Look at the Vivanco website and you'll see the company turns its hand to an inordinate range of products, including chargers, cables, and no shortage of headphones.

The 27100 cans are unusual in that the battery sits in a separate power box on the cable.

While this means these on-ear headphones are smaller, it adds bulk when using them.

The design feels distinctly budget, and they sound it too, with soft bass, little punch and a general lack of refinement.

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General Information

Product NameVivanco 27100