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Sandisk Sansa Fuze+ 8GB review

Nicely balanced sound but the touchscreen lets it down Tested at £70

Our Verdict

The Fuze+ has plenty going for it, but the touchscreen could work better


  • Big, colourful screen
  • smart design
  • nicely balanced sound


  • Occasionally frustrating touchscreen interface isn’t good enough

Larger than average, the Sandisk Fuze+ remains affordable and portable but offers a bit more screen – a 2.4in LCD – and a larger control area.

The screen works nicely, with a bright, colourful interface and easy to read icons. The control system is less of a success.

It’s a capacitive touchscreen like the latest generation of phones and tablets. Slide your finger around to move around the interface. It’s good but it’s not quite right – and touchscreens have to be on the money or they become frustrating.

And that’s a shame as sonically, this is more than competent. It’s compatible with all the key formats, and music sounds nicely balanced, avoiding bright treble or flabby bass, and revealing good detail.

There’s adequate video support, an FM radio, voice recorder and SD card slot – but ultimately the Fuze+ is let down by the interface, which can’t stand up over extended use.

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