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Pro-Ject 2 Xperience X-Pack review

Precision and integration keep the Pro-ject 2 Xperience X-Pack among the top vinyl players Tested at £1000.00

Our Verdict

A tranquil and polished performer, but a hint of aggression wouldn’t go amiss


  • Glitzy good looks and robust build
  • pretty much ready to go straight from the box
  • refined, graceful sound


  • Not the most attacking or invigorating sound we’ve ever heard

Unlike a five-year-old TV, a record player such as this Pro-ject 2 Xperience, which we looked at last in 2005, can be considered to be maturing nicely rather than on its last legs.

Assembly of this elegant deck is mercifully straightforward – the cartridge is fitted to the tonearm, the tonearm to the baseboard.

With a heavyweight repressing of Nick Drake's Bryter Layter spinning, the 2 Xperience X-Pack describes a precise, unified soundstage with plenty of breathing space between instruments, but also manages to integrate them into a convincing whole.

Authoritative with tempos
It's scrupulous where detail is concerned, manages tempos in an authoritative manner and snaps through the jaunty stuff as happily as it ambles through down-tempo tunes.

Stereo focus is first-rate, and the Pro-ject churns through significant dynamic upheavals with something approaching disdain.

The only drawback here concerns a neurotic desire not to give offense, making listening less invigorating than it sometimes should be. But then, that might be what you want.

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