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SHOW NEWS: Take the Chord Company cable challenge

There's been quite a bit of heated debate on our Forums about the merits (or otherwise) of expensive HDMI cables – and that's putting it mildly!

So for those of you who still believe that "digits are digits" and that cables can't possibly make any difference to sound or picture performance, here's a challenge.

If you can make it over to the What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Show here at the Novotel London West, pay a visit to the Chord Company stand (Chablis Suite 12). The helpful chap in the red outfit (above) will point you in the right direction for the show!

There are two demonstrations available on the Chord stand: one shows the differences between an 'in the box' HDMI cable and the company's Award-winning HDMI Silver Plus, using a Dernon DVD player, a Lumagen switcher/scaler and an ISF calibrated Fujitsu plasma screen.

The other allows showgoers to compare the sound of a freebie interconnect with Chord Crimson and Chameleon Silver Plus cables. The company says 'the improvements in sound quality obtained by changing from a FOC interconnect to the budget Chord Crimson at £34.95 for a half metre pair is difficult to ignore and fantastic value for money.'

Come along to the show and try it for yourself...

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