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NEWS: PSB Alpha 1 speakers now available for £100

Canadian speaker manufacturer PSB is bringing its Alpha 1 hi-fi speakers into the UK for a retail price of just £100/pair.

They'll be distributed through Armour Home Electronics. PSB founder and chief designer Paul Barton says: "The whole idea of the Alpha B1 is to provide performance far beyond what you expect at the price.

"Not only do these budget loudspeakers fill the room with great sound, they offer tremendous definition and musical accuracy for speakers of this size."

The contoured shape of the Alpha 1's cabinet is said to improve dispersion and diminish unwanted sonic diffractions, contributing to an overall flatter response.

The new aluminium dome tweeter has a special phase device and proprietary technology to provide a frequency response in excess of 21kHz, while the redesigned woofers were created to improve bass response.

The Alpha B1 is available in two wood-grain finishes – maple, with light-grey grilles, and black ash, with black grilles.

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