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NEWS: The Chord Company unveils new website

This is the new look for The Chord Company's website, which has just been relaunched.

It now contains much more detailed information about the range of cables it makes at its Salisbury HQ, and stacks of advice for anyone wanting to understand more about all matters to do with wires.

Along with familiar features such as the celebrated Cable Doctor service, the new-look site has an extensive glossary of musical and cabling terminology, and information on how to maintain your system and the wires used to hook it up.

The new site also presents all the cables in the company's range in a series of tables, so you can see at a glance which models are available in which configurations.

There's also a look behind the scenes of Chord's demonstration room, and a rundown of the equipment used in the development and auditioning of its products.

And yes, we know there isn't a wire in sight in that front page picture...

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