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A better plug for WireWorld's HDMI cable

WireWorld is upgrading the plug fitted to its leading HDMI cable models. From September, its Chroma, Ultraviolet and Starlight will be fitted with the new design, which claims lower contact loss and more enhanced grip on HDMI sockets.

The revised plug has a thicker silver cladding to the contact pins, the company saying that "Silver has superior conductivity and, being a relatively soft precious metal, also gives the added benefit of enhanced mechanical grip.'

And mechanics are at the heart of the second upgrade: the provision of two 'asymmetric locking wedges' on the outer shell of the plug, in addition to the standard locking dimples found on all HDMI plugs.

This, the company says, 'provides a much improved mechanical hold within the receptacle': in other words, the plug is hopefully less likely to fall out of the socket – a common problem with HDMI plugs.

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