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Atomic Floyd SuperDarts earphones promise 'supercharged bass'

Atomic Floyd SuperDarts

Atomic Floyd has announced the £199 SuperDarts, a dual driver, iPhone-compatible set of earphones.

The new flagship model in Atomic Floyd's line-up, the SuperDarts boast dual drivers to deliver a sound that has "crystal-clarity given the additional 'muscle'... of low frequency notes."

There's an iPhone-compatible in-line mic and remote control, a selection of SoftSeal silicone eartips and an anti-tangle Kevlar cable.

Launching the SuperDarts, James Strong, founder of Atomic Floyd, fired a broadside at celeb-endorsed headphones: "We don't want anyone wearing a pair of Floyds because a celebrity has endorsed them.

"We want people to wear Atomic Floyds because when they hear and feel them, they just can't help themselves; they have to have them."

Available exclusively from Atomic Floyd and the Apple store, the SuperDarts are on sale now for £199.

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