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DNM Interconnect-HTFN review

Unique in appearance, this solid cored interconnect may be pricey but it does everything to a high standard Tested at £300

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

If you've got kit that's around £1500 a piece, treat them to these interconnects - they'll thank you for it


  • Pretty much everything


  • Not the cheapest interconnect around

The solid-cored HFTN has an unusual appearance due to its single-stranded design.

This is truly a premium cable, as the high price suggests, and responds accordingly. Given Gershwin’s sublime Rhapsody In Blue, it serves up a smooth and full-bodied sound packed with lashings of detailing and subtlety.

Easily conveying subtle changes in dynamics and rhythm – and flexible to an amazing degree – this is a hugely capable cable.

If you’ve got equipment costing around £1500 a piece, this is simply ideal.

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General Information

Product NameDNM Interconnect-HTFN