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DALI Fazon 2 review

This 5.1 speaker package is a real treat for your ears Tested at £1800.00

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

A stunning, style speaker system that sounds remarkably refined and capable


  • Stylish, discreet design
  • rich, refined and hugely enjoyable sound
  • satellites integrate seamlessly with subwoofer
  • seamless surround field


  • Subwoofer sounds a tad tubby

Style speaker systems are all about finding the right balance of aesthetics and sound quality. In the case of premium packages such as the Dali Fazon 2, the set-up has to work even harder to justify its existence.

The curved aluminium cabinets of the satellites look resplendent in their gloss black lacquer. They also feel weighty and solidly built.

The figure-hugging magnetic speaker grille peels away to reveal a two-way loudspeaker. The satellites use a 4.5in wood-fibre cone, mid-bass driver and 1.1in soft-dome tweeter. They're extremely discreet and, should you want to add an extra Fazon sat or two, each extra speaker costs £259.

Even the supplied wall bracket and stand have been engineered with plenty of thought. With your speaker cable running to the terminals at the base, you can rotate the speaker through 360 degrees and twist or tilt so they fire out sound at the optimum angle.

Completing the package is the Fazon Sub 2 (£549). This compact bass-box uses two, 6.5in woofers and packs 120W of amplification. It comes with a credit-card sized remote control that allows you to alter settings such as volume and phase.

Immense insight and talent
Style packages can have a tendency to sound lean or bright, but not the Fazon. There's a natural warmth and solidity to the sonic character that's charming and engaging.

During the almighty plane crash in Knowing, the package showcases its immense insight and dynamic talent. Low frequencies could sound marginally tighter, but the sub still has more than enough weight and power to rock the castors off your sofa.

You're encouraged to listen for prolonged periods, which is never a bad thing. Dialogue sounds clear, rich and full of body.

There's no trace of that boxy, closed-in sound that comes from poor satellite speakers. The speakers and sub woofer integrate seamlessly and you're completely immersed in the on-screen action.

If you don't have the space to accommodate a traditional speaker package then the Fazon 2 system is a great alternative that oozes with style and substance.

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