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Chord Company Optichord review

An incredibly likeable cable. Try it now. Tested at £51

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

An incredibly likeable cable. Try it now.


  • Attractive looks, attractive sound


  • Nothing of note

The Optichord is a gorgeous cable. It has a solid, metallic-emerald body, complemented by curvy, dark-chrome plugs.

And it’s not all style, either: this Chord is an excellent performer. This is a fun, exuberant cable, and does its job with enthusiasm.

Its sound is clear, well spaced and it is easy to isolate specific elements. It also does a great job of conveying substance and texture, allowing instruments to maintain their power as well as their aural identities.

This cable functions like a well-oiled clock, with everything locking into place and working together. The result is an experience that’s confident, competent and extremely likeable.

The Optichord gives a lot for not that much money: highly recommended.

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