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Best Streamers 2017

Product of the year

Best music streamer £1000-£1500

Cambridge Azur 851N

“A premium music streamer with the performance to match”

Best buys

Best music streamer £100-£500

Arcam rPlay

“A brilliant and affordable way to introduce streaming to your hi-fi system”

Best music streamer under £100

Google Chromecast Audio

“As a general rule, we’d say that you get a performance not far short of what you get when physically plugging in a device”

Best music streamer £500-£1000

Cambridge CXN

“The Cambridge delivers a full-bodied performance that’s hugely pleasing to listen to”

Best music streamer £1500-£2000

Moon Neo MiND

“Gives such a level of expression that songs’ characters are not lost even when playing over Bluetooth or via a compressed stream”