Our Verdict 
Not without merit at this price, but we would expect it to sound more pacey with music
Good bass weight
fine sense of scale
Lacks punch and pace
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On the face of it, the Teufel T 1000 W gives the impression that you're getting quite a lot of subwoofer for your money (you can buy this model direct from teufelaudio.co.uk).

Under closer inspection it reveals a budget feel, but you're still getting a good-sized cabinet, boasting 54 litres of internal volume and 250W of amplification.

There are basic controls for volume, frequency response and phase, but there's no room for speaker level inputs.

You can daisy-chain with another subwoofer if you wish. Fed the high-octane action of The A-Team, the Teufel displays ample bass weight and a fine sense of scale for the money.

But it isn't the final word in terms of precision or detail. Low frequencies sound vague and, when faced with music, the subwoofer lacks the punch and pace needed to drive tunes along.

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We don't expect subs at this price to shift any mountains, but we do expect a bit more get up and go.

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