Our Verdict 
Classy internet radio with wireless streaming and an FM tuner
Simple, classy build and an exciting listen
Screen and interface less than impressive
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The original incarnation of the Tangent Quattro announced itself on the market in some style, scooping an Award and becoming a class-leader among the first-generation of web-friendly tuners. The MkII continues the good work.

The Quattro offers internet radio, wireless streaming and an FM tuner, but no DAB. It also gives you access to the Reciva online portal where you can access podcasts and favourites.

Build quality is also very fine, with a good fascia layout and a sturdy feel to the controls.

It's a good sonic performer too. The Tangent spits out a punchy, lively and dynamic sound with lots of low-end heft.

It lacks the coveted fifth star only becasue the Award-winning Pure Evoke Flow offers a superior performance – and for less money – and that makes it a whole star better.

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