Our Verdict 
Ultra-snug fit and among the most effective noise-isolators we've tested, but not quite best in class
Better value now
exciting, detailed and attacking sound
A little sibilance at the top end
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We last tested these Shures back in April 2007, when we came to the verdict that, although they were the best in-ears we'd heard, they weren't quite the best value.

They are now available for £100 less, but there are also new rivals from Klipsch and Sennheiser, so what's the story now?

Well, the Shures are still very exciting, detailed and attacking, but they also produce a little sibilance at the  top end that the Sennheiser IE8s and Klipsch X10s avoid. 

Still, while not everyone will get on with the extremely snug fit either, the SE530s' noise isolation is still second-to-none.

Nevertheless, if it were our money, we'd opt  for the Klipsch X10s for detail, or the Sennheiser IE8s for comfort and scale.