Our Verdict 
An improvement over the previous model and a smart alternative to the iGrados
Weighty, always listenable delivery
solid but foldable
Leak like all open-backed cans
bass is a bit too bold
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Here's a fact: open-backed headphones sound better than closed ones. Here's another fact: everyone hates the inconsiderate guy on the bus with the ‘tss, tss' sound leaking from his open cans.

With that in mind, here are the Sennheiser PX 100-IIs, a pair of open headphones designed for use when out and about.

Sonically, these Sennheisers are weighty and easy going, offering a rendition of Mr. Hudson's Knew We Were Trouble in weighty, flowing, and unsurprisingly spacious style.

There's decent punch and detail to instruments, enjoyable clarity and warmth to the vocals, and good control to the treble.

Compare quite well with iGradosBig bass lovers will find the depth of the delivery to be an absolute delight, but next to the very best rivals (and yes, we mean the iGrados), that low-end can be a little soft and overbearing.

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The Sennheisers have advantages over the iGrados, though, like a design that's robust, foldable and not a complete fashion catastrophe.

They leak marginally less noise, too. But seriously; spare a thought for your fellow commuter before turning up the volume.

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Sennheiser PX100-II