Our Verdict 
A no-nonsense stereo radio, it still sounds great
Great sound
simple design
fine build
Rivals offer more in the way of facilities (or frills)
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The Evoke-2 XT is not only the stereo incarnation of the Evoke-1 XT, but also a past Product of the Year Award-winner in the radio world. And each time we give it another test and attempt to topple it from its perch, we're just as happy to report it's still easily the best in class.

It looks simple and pragmatic: buttons are where they should be, while the display is a decent size and easy to read even when you're bleary-eyed at breakfast. Mains or battery operated (via standard batteries or an optional rechargeable ChargePak), the '2 XT also offers a clock, alarm, headphone socket and line and digital outputs.

Sonically, the Evoke-2XT is noticeably broader and more authoritative than its smaller Evoke-1 stablemates – thanks in no small part to the stereo speakers – and offers bags of insight and bass without ever losing its balance.

And it deserves to continue to fly off the shelves, delivering as it does everything you could ask for from a simple FM/DAB radio.