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  1. Sony WH-1000XM2

    Sony WH-1000XM2

    Reviewed on 31st August 2017
    Price when reviewed £330

    Sony is flying high with this superb pair of noise-cancelling headphones...

  2. Sudio Regent

    Sudio Regent

    Reviewed on 27th July 2017
    Price when reviewed £120

    Simple and stylish, as you’d expect from Swedish headphones, but sound could be better...

  3. Status OB-1

    Status OB-1

    Reviewed on 19th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £70

    Look like headphones twice the price, but sound like the budget pair they are

  4. Status CB-1

    Status CB-1

    Reviewed on 8th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £70

    Decent full-sized budget headphones let down by a few amateurish touches

  5. AKG N60NC Wireless

    AKG N60NC Wireless

    Reviewed on 7th June 2017
    Price when reviewed £250

    The compact N60NC Wireless retains the superb character of the wired equivalent

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  7. Urbanista Seattle Wireless

    Urbanista Seattle Wireless

    Reviewed on 19th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £100

    One of the best-sounding pairs of style-orientated headphones you’ll find at this price

  8. SoundMagic Vento P55

    SoundMagic Vento P55

    Reviewed on 16th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £150

    These affordable headphones sound clear and powerful, but not entirely natural...

  9. JBL E55BT

    JBL E55BT

    Reviewed on 12th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £80

    These JBLs are a solid bet if you want wireless on a limited budget

  10. Blue Ella

    Blue Ella

    Reviewed on 9th May 2017
    Price when reviewed £680

    Not quite the high-end sound quality we expect for the hefty price

  11. Denon AH-D7200

    Denon AH-D7200

    Reviewed on 13th April 2017
    Price when reviewed £700

    Excellent comfort and a smooth, refined sound will keep you listening for hours...