Along with flagging tracks available in MQA, there's also automatic suggestions and better filtering.

Onkyo Music, the company's catalogue of hi-res music, is undergoing a redesign. This can only be a benefit, as the lack of lack of discovery functions and filters was high among the things that let the service down (and played into the hands of competitors like Qobuz and Technics Tracks).

So what's new with the service? Improvements include a new autocomplete functionality that brings up suggestions as you type them into the searchbar, and flagging when MQA music is available. The latter isn't unexpected, as Onkyo Music claims it's the largest online source of MQA music, with 16,000 tracks available.

There is also better filtering across different pages, and clearer identification of albums and singles on artist pages. There will also be more enhancements coming, like PayPal/AMEX integration and more specific filtering.

If you've been looking for more hi-res music recently, it might yet be worth giving Onkyo Music another look.


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