Xbox update lets you navigate the Series X/S using a 4K TV remote control

Xbox Series X
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 Xbox Insider Programme members can now test out new HDMI-CEC features which, among other things, will let Xbox Series X and Series S users control their consoles with their TV remote.

Before you ask, no, you won't be able to play games using your standard TV remote. Instead, TV remote capabilities are limited to navigating the Xbox Dashboard and streaming apps only, which are the two use cases that make the most sense.

The update will be welcomed by Xbox owners who use a console as their primary streaming device, and who, having refused to pay extra for the £79.99 Xbox One Media Remote, have needed to use a controller to help navigate.

In addition to remote support, the update will also let users automatically switch the input on their 4K TV by pressing the Xbox button on their controller, which is a handy feature for those with multiple devices connected to their screens.

There is one slight catch, though. These features are only available as part of the new alpha builds available in the Xbox Insider Programme, though we expect them to roll out to the masses after testing has been completed and any potential gremlins have been removed.


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Esat Dedezade
Freelance contributor
  • RichSM
    Interesting. You are able to do this on an Apple TV. For example, you can use your regular TV remote to navigate the UI and the OK or Enter button to click, which is probably done through CEC. I'm surprised it took so long for Xbox to implement it to be honest.