Weekend Wrap: Sony to roll out PlayStation Vue; OTone Blufiniti on sale; and Google's first shop

We start with the OTone Blufiniti wireless speaker, which is now available to buy. It claims to offer 8-10 hours of music playback and supports Bluetooth wireless streaming and NFC for compatible smartphones. A 3.5mm aux-in is available for wired connections.

Twin 1.5in drivers deliver sound that is “guaranteed to pack a punch”. Gareth Thomas, Managing Director at Otone Audio, says: “The compact features and advanced technology of Blufiniti make it the perfect sidekick for active people and ensure that it is not only portable, but serves up the sound quality people have come to expect of Otone”.

It’s available in six different colours for £50.

Sony PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Mobile

The Wall Street Journal says Sony is expected to roll out its new video streaming service, PlayStation Vue, in the US later this year. The service will allow US customers to stream content from a number of media companies, including Viacom Inc, Comcast’s NBC Universal INC and Twenty-First Century Fox Film Corporation.

However, in the same week Sony’s new video streaming service has been confirmed, it’s also been announced that the PlayStation Mobile gaming platform will close for good in July.

The gaming service was unveiled in October 2012 and allowed users to play indie games and PlayStation classics on the PS Vita and select Android smartphones.

Sony stopped support for Android phones in late 2014 after a poor adoption rate, and it’s likely to be for the same reasons that PS Vita support will stop as well.

Gamers will still be able to play any downloaded games, so long as they’ve activated their devices.

Sky's court order

Sky has been on the receiving end of a court order, demanding it hand over details of some of its Sky Broadband subscribers, to a company called TCYK LLC. TCYK stands for The Company You Keep and relates to a film directed by Robert Redford that unlawfully made its way online to file-sharing networks.

TYCK LLC owns the rights to several copyrighted films and is now claiming that several Sky Broadband customers have “engaged in unlawful file-sharing” of some of those films.

The company says it has compiled a list of individual broadband accounts, identified by IP addresses, from which the file sharing took place.

Sky has sent a letter to its subscribers, letting them know they should expect TCYK LLC to contact them, demanding compensation.

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World's first Google shop

Google has launched the first “Google shop experience” inside the Currys PC World store on London’s Tottenham Court Road. Inside, there’s a “Doodle Wall”, which allows customers to create doodles using virtual spray cans and save them as a GIF.

There are also Chromebooks and Android Wear smartwatches out on display for customers to try before they buy, as well as a selection of Nexus 6 smartphones and Nexus 9 tablets.

Google has also installed a large-scale model of its Chromecast dongle, which demonstrates and informs of its uses.

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Noble Audio demo facility

Noble Audio, manufacturer of in-ear and custom in-ear monitors (CIEMs/IEMs), has recently opened its first UK demo facility in London. Visitors to the shop will be able to have ear-impressions taken for custom-fit models.

Noble Audio in-ears start at £230 and the full product range will be available to try at the new facility, including the £999 K10U (pictured).

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