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The Week in HD - Monday 2nd February

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So, without further ado...

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Monday 2nd February

Gone Girl - Blu-ray release of the week

Gone Girl - Blu-ray release of the week

Gone Girl

Gillian Flynn's best-selling book gets a Hollywood makeover from Fight Club director David Fincher. And it's better than you might expect it to be.

The purported kidnapping of Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) kickstarts this film's descent into the immoral abyss that sees husband Nick Dunner (Ben Affleck) suspected of killing his wife. Fincher slowly turns the screw and what we get is a riveting, if knowingly ridiculous, melodrama.

Both Affleck and Oscar-nominated Pike are great in their roles, while Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (the duo behind The Social Network's score) once again provide a suspenseful soundtrack to Fincher's version of a rom-com.

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Life After Beth

A zombie comedy with Parks and Recreation's Aubrey Plaza as the titular Beth, who comes back to life after dying from a snake bite. Her boyfriend Zach (Dane DeHaan) is devastated, but promises her parents that he won't tell her she's a zombie. That is, until she starts eating people.

A funny little film with a convincing performance from Plaza, along with a great supporting cast (John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon and Anna Kendrick are a joy to watch), this may be the alternative indie flick to laugh over this Valentine's...

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Tuesday 3rd February

Manchester United v Cambridge United - Pick of the Day, 7.45pm

Manchester United v Cambridge United - Pick of the Day, 7.45pm

FA Cup 4th Round Replay: Manchester United v Cambridge United BT Sport 1 HD, 7.45pm

After a deeply disappointing 0-0 draw at Cambridge United's ground, Manchester United will be hoping for a much improved performance when they invite the lowest-ranked team left in the competition to Old Trafford for the replay.

Man U manager Louis van Gaal complained about the pitch and referee last time out, but he'll have no complaints if United don't get the job done this time against lower-league opposition.

Supernatural E4 HD, 10pm

Dog Dean Afternoon. The silly supernatural shenanigans continue as the Winchester brothers discover the sole witness to strange murders is a dog. Naturally, they find a spell that allows them to communicate with said dog, with hilarious consequences.

Wednesday 4th February

Jupiter Ascending in Film 2015 - Pick of the Day, 11.15pm

Jupiter Ascending in Film 2015 - Pick of the Day, 11.15pm

Wolf Hall BBC Two HD, 9pm

Anna Regina. A turning point in history as Thomas Cromwell aids Henry in separating the English monarchy from the Roman church - all so Henry can divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

Cromwell further rises in importance after Cardinal Wolsey's death, and is helped by the newly crowned Queen Anne to gain an offical court position.

FA Cup 4th round replay: Bolton Wanderers v Liverpool BBC One HD, 7.45pm

Liverpool dominated the first match, but couldn't find a way past inspired Bolton keeper Ádám Bogdán.

However, Bogdán is out injured, and with Daniel Sturridge back and scoring after five months out with injury, the odds are in Liverpool's favour.

Film 2015 BBC One HD, 11.15pm

Two highly interesting yet diametrically opposite films are on review tonight. There's Selma - an unflinching portrayal about US civil rights starring David Oyelowo and criminally under-represented at the Oscars.

And then there's Jupiter Ascending - a visually sumptuous sci-fi/fantasty epic from the Wachowski siblings starring Channing Tatum, Eddie Redmayne and Mila Kunis.

Thursday 5th February

Death in Paradise - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Death in Paradise - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Death in Paradise BBC One HD, 9pm

With Camille gone to pursue undercover work in Paris (we're still sad about this, as is Humphrey), we're introduced to a new police officer JP Hooper - who seems like Dwayne's number one fan. He gets his first taste of the weird and wonderful cases of St Marie when the lead singer of a rock and roll band is murdered.

Guest stars include Neil Morrissey, Sally Phillips and Nick Moran.

Fortitude Sky Atlantic HD, 9pm

This chilling (in every sense of the word) Nordic thriller got off to a good start, with praise for its unique, desolate setting, a tense storyline and a cast of well-respected superstars - including Stanley Tucci and Michael Gambon, no less.

In the second episode, Sheriff Anderssen believes he's honed in on the murder suspect, but DCI Morton has different ideas.

Charlie Brooker's Weekly Wipe BBC Two HD, 10pm

Angry at the news? You will be after watching Brooker's visceral takedowns of the news coverage of worldly affairs. At least it will be cathartic, too.

Friday 6th February

The Matrix - Pick of the Day, 9pm

The Matrix - Pick of the Day, 9pm

Six Nations Rugby: Wales v England BBC One HD, 7.30pm

The 2015 Six Nations Rugby gets off to a sizzling start, with Wales and England - each team has won 26 times in the competition's history - facing off at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

The Matrix ITV 2 HD, 9pm

Jupiter Ascending is out in cinemas this week, so here's a chance to remind us all how the Wachowskis blew our minds the first time round, way back in 1999. The Matrix brought us bullet time (which still looks stunning), Keanu Reeves and those sunglasses - while also being a riveting dystopian story about the world actually being a computer simulation constructed by sentient machines.

A hacker named Neo is the key to humanity's freedom, and it takes Laurence Fishbourne, Carrie-Anne Moss and a menacing Hugo Weaving to convince him he's The One.

Saturday 7th February

Constantine - Pick of the Day

Constantine - Pick of the Day

Constantine Amazon Prime Instant Video

Angels and Ministers of Grace. Penultimate episode of Constantine's shortened 13-episode run. It hasn't been the most confident of starts, but the show has found its feet and Matt Ryan's performance is enough to keep us wanting more. We hope they get renewed for a second series.

John and his guardian angel Manny head to a local hospital to investigate a mysterious attack, while Zed has her own health scare that has her questioning where her psychic powers come from.

Barclays Premier League: Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal BT Sport 1 HD, 12.45pm

This is usually the time when Arsenal kick-start their run to fourth place, and while there are reasons to be optimistic in light of recent results, they come up against a Tottenham side that's a slightly different proposition from when they last faced them.

It's a north London derby and fourth place is up for grabs for both teams. We're hoping for a blistering encounter.

Transcendence Sky Movies HD Premiere, 8pm

An intriguing premise with plenty of potential, but this glossy sci-fi flick, about the dangers of technology and artificial intelligence, didn't go down well with critics or audience. Directed by Wally Pfister (Christopher Nolan's cinematographer, so it does look lovely), the story follows the consequences of a terminally ill scientist uploading his consciousness onto the internet as a way to survive his corporeal death.

It works, but will his humanity-changing ideas be a godsend or a hindrance to the future of mankind?

Sunday 8th February

Top Gear BBC Two HD, 8pm

How to improve the ambulance, Top Gear-style. Clarkson, Hammond and May decide that Britain's ambulances aren't up to scratch, and venture on a series of challenges to make them more responsive, more comfortable, and more...sporty.

'Til next week...